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In the history of Pashtun Rahman Baba ( full name Abdur Rahman ) was a Great and famous Sufi Dervish and Poet. Rahman Baba was born in 1653 in Peshawar during the Mughal Empire.

Rahman Baba’s father’s name was Abdus Sattar Ghoryakhel. Rahman Baba belongs from Mohmand Sub-tribe of Ghoryakhel Pushton, a group of people who migrated from Hindu kush mountain to Peshawar.

Rahman bab lived very peacefully in the area and never mention his involvement in fierce intertribal conflicts of his day. Rahman Baba Considered one of the most popular Poet in the history of Pashtun. Rahman Baba was a man who loved Allah he had nothing to do with the world’s wealth.

He spent his whole life in poverty and Dervishi. Rahman Baba was a truthful man and a true Muslim. He was believed that who follow the Prophet ( PBUH) Teachings he will be successful.

The collection of Rahman Baba poetry called the” Da Rahman Baba Diwan” (Anthology of Rahman baba) contains 343 Poems, Which Mostly Written in the Pashto language. There are 25 original handwritten of Diwan Scattered in the various libraries worldwide. His poetry is for both time this and old times he was the poet of humanity. His poetry is in sample words everyone can understand easily.

He has a great impact on his poetry that’s why people like his poetry. He showed people the way of goodness and love. Rahman Baba died in 1706 in Peshawar.    

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